Perdana University 4th Convocation – Speech by The Vice Chancellor

Perdana University 4th Convocation - Speech by The Vice Chancellor

Let me first and foremost welcome all parents, invited guest, Board of Governors, faculty members, members of the University and most importantly Graduands of 2019.
Today is the day every student looks forward to. This is the day that one becomes a Graduate making them a selected few who have had the privilege to continue their academic endeavour and complete it. For some it has been a long journey either by the structure of the discipline that they took and for some it has been a journey of sheer perseverance. Nevertheless, this will mark the beginning of the next phase in your life. Cherish the moment for each of you deserve it. CONGRATULATIONS!
No journey can be completed without the support of your loved ones. Be it your parents, siblings, spouse, partners or friends.
Perdana University is a young institution and we take pride that even for an institution so young, we have been able to maintain our SETARA 4 ranking and have begun our journey to be certified ISO21001 which is a quality certification for an educational institution. Allow me to record a word of appreciation to all the former Vice Chancellors who are present with us today, who had laid the foundation for Perdana University to continue growing. This year we have been extremely busy as we were given the approval for 6 new Programmes namely MSc Bioinformatics by coursework, Bachelors in Computer Science in Data Science, MBA General Management, MBA Public Health Management, MBA Healthcare and Hospital Management and Masters in Medical Equipment Engineering bringing the total number of Programmes now offered to 15.
We hope to welcome our new students into these programmes soon. The increasing number of Programmes is a measure of how a University diversifies its offering and in turn creates an ecosystem for different students to mingle with each other. The enriched ecosystem will help create a well-rounded graduate and pushes the University to maintain its standards. We too hosted the visits by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and Ministry of Education that came to audit our University license, International recruitment license and the various accreditations of our Programmes which I am pleased to inform that we passed with flying colours, thanks to the continued hard work placed by all those who are involved in the operations of the University; academics and non-academics.
Having opened our 6th School; the School of Business from a humble beginning of just 2 Schools and only 2 Programmes in 2011, we have embarked on a 5 year plan to grow these programmes to 26 Programmes that will be based on market demand to ensure the sustainability of the University. No University can be built in a very short space of time. Many renowned Universities can share with you a very long history that many may have forgotten what they were in the beginning. I am sure we at Perdana University will evolve along the lines of our peers but hopefully with a faster pace given the advent of technology and the new culture of the market. Our new approach of having closer links with the industry will assist us to have Programmes that addresses the needs of the market coupled with the wise guidance from our Board of Governors and Board of Directors. 
Malaysia is strong for its diversity. In diversity, we must strive for Unity. I trust that we have nurtured our graduands well so that they can be a pillar of the society. Today we send our graduates into a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. It is only through unity can we ensure that our beloved nation continue to prosper and thrive. I hope that our graduates will be leaders in their own right. What are leaders? Leaders are those who lead. They are recognised, can easily multi-task, have a high level of integrity, ethical, volunteers easily and projects leadership. The leaders of today and tomorrow cannot be called leaders just by way of being promoted into a chair of leadership. A leader need not hold any particular chair, as long as they are able to exhibit the traits mentioned earlier. Perdana University graduates, must strive to be analytical and critical. Don’t stop at just being critical! Its easy to be critical but a leader transcends that level of just being critical. A leader is one who is able to provide solutions. Be a thought leader and have constructive thinking. It is through thought leadership will one be seen as a leader. You can be a thought leader even when you are just a houseman for a new doctor or just an executive for the non-doctors. Don’t be a follower. Being a follower takes a person into the path of least resistance. You change nothing for the better. When one becomes a thought leader, one should move on to also be a translational leader. Translate those thoughts or solutions to make it implementable by others. You will be a great leader when you combine both qualities; Thought Leadership and Translational Leadership. I assure you that in whatever field that you chose for your career these values will put you on a different plane. I and everyone in Perdana University wish that our graduates will be the leaders of tomorrow and as we enjoy the sunset of our lives, we can bask in the peaceful thought that the nation is well cared by our Alumni.
The power of being an alumnus is huge. You can make a difference! Many renown Universities all over the world continue to prosper with the assistance of its alumni. Come back! Contribute and help the next generation of students. Help grow the University as this is your Alma Mater. I am sure as students; we have had our fair share of challenges and would be grateful if we were assisted. So, make the difference of now being a giver rather than a receiver. The University is pleased to announce that we are establishing an Alumni Trust Fund that will provide a means for our Alumni to contribute especially financially to provide potentially an Alumni Bursary or Scholarship for the less privileged students. Comes let us contribute. Be the drop and let’s start a ripple!
Today we celebrate the success of the graduates and the success of the parents, spouses, siblings and friends supporting the graduates through their journey. I thank you for being there in their time of need. I am sure its has brought all of us closer to each other in more ways than one. I reach out to all to provide feedback and contribution to assist Perdana University to be a premier University in its field of expertise.  It is at Perdana University where the past and future is present!


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