Transforming lives – Up close with three traditional practitioners

Three former acupuncture students have seen their lives and the lives of others transformed after seriously dabbling in acupuncture. From various backgrounds respectively in the music and pub businesses as well as from an “ordinary” staff at the government’s forestry department, their lives have become more meaningful. Under the guidance of the same acupuncture sifu, Dr K Devi, founder of the Tambun Acupuncture Academy (TAA), they are now united in advancing integrated acupuncture in Malaysia. Low Sean Yew, , Razali Awang Hamat, , and Gabriel Lourdes, , are living acupuncture practitioners-cum-trainers whose lives have undergone positive changes after embracing acupuncture as one of their key life drivers. They are also extremely happy to be able to help others with their health problems. They share their amazing stories with New Straits Times/ The Star. 1. Low Sean Yew @ Sean As a pub owner, you need to drink a lot to entertain your customer, and always sleep late, habits which are very bad for health. After I started practising acupuncture, my life has changed completely, no more drinking and late nights. Life is happier, especially when I see people recovering from my acupuncture treatment. Life has also changed in my family too – I spend more time with family and I am also able to treat my own parents when they have problems. Once you learn about acupuncture, you will learn about how your body works. Once you know and learn more, you will appreciate more about your life, and take care of yourself . Drinking friends will be less, I have more positive friends, now my friends will look for look me for advice whenever they have health problems. My very first patient was a Malay male, in his late 30s. He had a stroke which had paralyzed both his legs. He could not walk and could not feel anything even if he was stepped hard on his foot. He had been in this condition for about 6 months. Even after undergoing physiotherapy sessions in a private hospital, he was suffering. His friend brought him to consult me one day. I treated him for a total of six acupuncture sessions in two weeks, and by the last treatment, he could already walk. Why I would receommend this acupuncture course to others? First, you can treat your own family and friends. “I treated my 9 year-old son when he had a sudden cough at 2am. The cough stopped within five minutes after I placed the needles in his hands.” Secondly, it is safe with no side effects. Third, you can take it as career because you still can do even after you have retired. “Since I like to share what I had learned and achieved in acupuncture, the best way is to teach. That is my future plan.” 2. Razali Awang Hamat “I am very happy to see that about 70% of patients whom I have diagnosed and treated, showing positive results.” For certain simple illnesses, sometimes one acupuncture treatment is sufficient. However, for chronic problems such as serious accident or stroke, we have to do a more frequent treatment involving 1 session every 2-3 days for a period of 8-10 days, followed by everyday for a week until she/he can move. Besides, for chronic nerve disorders, for instance, treatment is more effective if we combine acupuncture with bekam (cupping). My life has certainly changed tremendously. My knowledge and networking with universities and their researchers have increaseased manifold. Likewise my economic standing has risen to between 3-4 times my last drawn salary prior to my retirement. Indeed my sources of income has diversified to include integrated acupuncture treatment, herbal tea products, oil palm, agarwood and rubber. My son has been in charge of online marketing on a full-time basis. ” Alhamdulillah, among others, our products have penetrated France, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam.” Although at present foreign customers comprise up to 10% of our total customers, I believe given time, both the absolute numbers and percentage will increase. Besides selling online, I am also very happy as we have already made inroads into six pharmaceutical outlets in Terengganu and Kelantan. 3. Gabriel Lourdes Dr Devi , our sifu, combined with his integrated brand of acupuncture and my years in complementary medicine, are the reasons why my life was saved. In April of 2016, I suffered a stroke. I did not have an MRI nor did I hospitalize myself. I went through a year of rigorous acupuncture, herbal treatment (products from Dr Devi), traditional massage, etc. I focused only on complementary treatment. In short , I practised what I preached. Today, I’m 95% healed. Undoubtedly, it has strengthened my own belief in complementary medicine as an alternative not only to healing but also to health wellness. Together, the patients, fellow practitioners and my own students who I have taught throughout the years reflect a growing belief in complementary medicine, giving rise to a huge following. As for family and friends, initially there was a natural sense of disbelief, knowing my past where I was in the music industry’s fast lane for 27 years. Still, my new- found friends and patients have welcomed my presence as their trusted complementary healer with open arms – something which I’m really grateful for. As for treatments like low back problems, knee problems, headaches and shoulder problems I have 80% success rate. While chronic disorders exhibit a lower success rate, their progressive rates of recovery have been commendable. I do not hesitate to recommend acupuncture to others for three reasons. First, it has worked for me. Second, as Asians, I believe we should look at it as our medicinal heritage. Third, don’t knock it, till you try it. Well, my growth from a student to a teacher says a lot. I am now focussed to be a successful teacher, if not in Malaysia, maybe worldwide. Most importantly, I wish to leave a legacy. “This collaboration between TAA and Perdana University is about the greatness of Dr K.Devi as the true ambassador of Modern Acupuncture and Prof Dr Zabidi Azhar Mohd Hussin,(Vice Chancellor of Perdana University for his great belief in it, by taking it to the next level,” says Gabriel. If you are touched and inspired by the above stories, you too can join their ranks and make a difference in your lives and the lives of others. A new six-month part time certificate program in integrated acupuncture, which is a collaboration between TAA and Perdana University will soon commence at Perdana University.. For more details, kindly contact Marketing Department, Perdana University at
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