The Mace

Photograph of the mace at Perdana University

The Mace symbolises a university’s governing authority, depicts the authority to grant degrees, and signifies the proceedings have official sanction. As an ancient symbol of authority, it serves as a reminder that universities are custodians both of the enduring traditions of learning and of the power they bestow upon those who come to learn. It is also a reminder of the journey the students undertook that led to the convocation ceremony.

The Perdana University mace incorporates the history and tradition that surrounds the vision of Malaysia and also the University.

The mace bears the inscription:

Where the Past and the Future is Present

Which is also the University’s motto.

This carries the emblems of the 13 states of Malaysia and also the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, in honour of the principal administrative divisions of Malaysia.

The emblem of Malaysia is carved with silver and chromed with gold on the head which symbolises that the University is empowered by the government of Malaysia to confer degrees, and to serve as a reminder to graduates to serve the nation.

The golden rims  is a reflection of achievement and victory. The top of this features the logo of Perdana University that blooms and can be seen from all angles.

Malaysia’s PREMIER University
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