SFS visits PDN

SFS visits PDN

Contributed by Nik Elena, Lecturer at PU-SFS.

Our trip to Pusat Darah Negara (National Blood Centre) began in the wee hours of the morning when we gathered at Perdana University at 8 am. Three faculty members, Mr Tan Kwee Yong, Dr Lee Tze Yan and Ms Nik Elena accompanied 28 sleepy students from the Foundation in Science programme onto the comfortable bus that Mr Tan had organized for us. As soon as the bus began moving, we settled in for a long ride into the heart of  Kuala Lumpur. However, any attempts to snooze were thwarted when the bus’s entertainment system started up – Mr Tan began relating ghost stories from his student life, much to the delight of several of the students.

Forty-five minutes and four ghost stories later, we found ourselves in the lobby of Pusat Darah Negara. Puan Noraini, one of our hosts and a nurse, brought us directly to a meeting room for a short presentation. As we took our seats, we noticed that each chair had a strategically placed live microphone on the table before it. It was certainly a quiet meeting room that morning. Dr Faiz Hakim then began his presentation, providing startling statistics on the country’s main blood bank, and emphasizing the dire need for blood donations. It was sobering, enlightening, and certainly motivating for those of us who wanted to donate our blood and its components.

Puan Noraini then brought us on a tour of the building, after which we headed to lunch. As we filled our bellies, 3 heroes from our group (Dr Lee Tze Yan, Josephine Ng We Ni, Ariv Isvar Nair A/L Nagarajan) remained behind at the main building to donate their blood. Several other would-be heroes also attempted to contribute but were refused due to the strict criteria laid down for donations. Maybe next time, my friends.

Overall, it was an eye-opening yet memorable experience, and we are proud of those who donated blood and helped save lives around the country. We thank Dr Faiz Hakim and Puan Noraini for their grace and hospitality and we thank Pusat Darah Negara for their continued heroic efforts in looking after Malaysians in times of sickness and crisis.


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