Safeguarding Your Digital Journey One Innovation At A Time

An opinion by Professor Ts Dr Azween Abdullah .

Government organisations have the opportunity to harness gen AI technologies to enhance their operations and services. The potential benefits of gen AI in this context are vast, including improved data analysis, more efficient decision-making processes, task automation, and pattern detection in large datasets for fraud detection and public safety efforts. By utilising gen AI effectively, government organisations can improve citizen services, promote transparency, and drive economic growth.

However, implementing gen AI in government organisations comes with its challenges and risks. These technologies’ complexity and constant evolution require continuous research and development investments from government agencies. Moreover, ethical considerations surrounding job displacement, privacy protection, bias prevention, and accountability need to be addressed through strict guidelines and regulations. Additionally, overreliance on gen AI without proper monitoring may lead to unintended consequences or errors that could undermine public trust.

Determining the best areas for investment in gen AI requires a comprehensive evaluation process by government organisations. They should identify areas where gen AI can greatly improve services or address societal challenges like healthcare systems improvement or streamlining administrative processes. Feasibility assessments must be conducted considering infrastructure requirements, data availability, and potential risks associated with implementation. Collaborative partnerships with academia, industry experts, and citizens will provide valuable insights on potential use cases of gen AI.

Following a structured approach based on careful evaluation and collaboration with stakeholders at every step of the way is key for government organisations to maximise the benefits while mitigating the risks associated with implementing gen AI effectively. Read the original article in Berita Harian.

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