Perdana University focuses on applied research by addressing research results to real-world applications. We collaborate with industry, business, culture, and society to implement projects that meet their specific needs. Our services assist companies and institutions in developing customized solutions for various practical challenges they face in their day-to-day operations. Our approach to knowledge and technology transfer connects teaching, research, and services, with the goal of applying new and existing knowledge through concepts, methods, products, and systems. All our faculties provide exposure to network with industrial experts. Additionally, Research Management Centre (RMC) of Perdana University offers information on funding opportunities, prospective collaborator, guidance and support throughout the project implementation process. 

The services (research support) offered by Perdana University’s RMC is wide and depth. Publications, research grants, conferences, research collaboration, student support for projects in bachelor’s and master’s degree theses, projects related to applied research and development, European Commission funding, MOHE grants, EU-programs etcetera will be assisted by RMC. Additionally, advisory services are provided as part of the university’s offerings. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our primary research objective is to achieve sustainable improvements in outcomes for our clients and transfer knowledge to our teaching and consulting activities. We work in collaboration with private and public organizations to develop scientifically-based and innovative solutions to current challenges. Our competence centers leverage the interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise of our extensive network of international partners from both academia and practice. The insights gained from our latest research are integrated into our undergraduate and continuing education teaching practices. We offer various forms of research cooperation, including student projects, commissioned research, and government-sponsored research projects, depending on the issues at hand and the available budget, along with other practice partners.
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