MEKAR Consultancy Services

Helping Organisations Bloom and Thrive

We provide a business-to-business mental health consultation and intervention service for your employees. Our team will conduct sessions at your office or your chosen venue, and employees can voluntarily come to our sessions to receive assessments, learn coping skills, get guidance on making decisions, and explore untapped potential. We also provide an avenue for colleagues and superiors to refer a client to us. Rest assured that we maintain the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

  • – Conduct multiple multidisciplinary research on psychological medicine

  • – Modelling of cultural understanding, promote in-depth and critical understandings of local and Western psychologie

  • – Conduct world-leading research that explores the human condition

  • – Create new knowledge about how we think and behave, foster and inform intellectual debate and civil discourse, and create a hub of research activities in psychological medicine and allied fields.

It will also play a pivotal role in creating a new generation of Malaysian scientists trained to international standards and capable of conducting research at the highest levels.

    • – Boost your employee’s morale and improve your organisation’s productivity
    • – Qualified psychologists and counsellors at fees below market rate
    • – Trusted by KLSE-listed company
  • – Fudhail Hakimi Arif bin Ibrahim K.B.P.A.  
    – Darlina Hani Fadil Azim

Inquiries and appointments

Phone: +6 (03) 2011 6478

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