MEKAR Consultancy Services


When People Thrive, Workplaces Bloom

We provide a business-to-business mental health consultation and intervention service for your employees. Sessions are conducted either online or at your office, with services that incorporate psychological evaluations, exploration of the self, the learning of coping skills, conflict resolution, and the development of problem-solving skills, including emotional literacy. The referral of an employee by a superior or colleague is also welcomed. Rest assured we maintain the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

✿ Counseling & Psychotherapy
✿ Employee Assistance Program
✿ Mental Health for Schools
✿ Psychological Screening & Assessment
✿ Psychoeducation
✿ Training & Coaching
✿ Support Group
✿ Customized Services

✿ Manage the stress levels of your employees to boost productivity and quality of life

✿ Maintain healthy self-esteem and relationships both at work and in the personal lives of employees (good relationships help us thrive)

✿ Learn to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression to maintain functioning

✿ Learn to practice a lifestyle that is resilient to burnout

✿ Maintain a healthy and appealing workplace (decrease turnover rate)

✿ Served by a qualified psychologist and counselor at a good price

✿ Iffah Suraya binti Jasni – KB10138/ PA09742

✿ Dr. Darlina Hani Fadil Azim

For Inquiries and appointments:

Email:                     Phone: +6 (03) 2011 6478 (Main Line)

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