The primary mission of the Perdana University’ Research Management Centre is to facilitate and advance research endeavors at the University. Our overarching goal is to establish ourselves as a prominent global hub for the advancement of research across diverse fields of knowledge. In pursuit of this objective, we are dedicated to fostering research initiatives both within the University and in partnership with other esteemed research and academic institutions. Furthermore, we are committed to disseminating research outcomes through various means, including publications, training initiatives, seminars, and through traditional print media channels. The Research Management Centre remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering expeditious, high-quality, and efficient services, characterized by cost-effective methodologies and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, all while fostering the development of our human resources. 

Perdana University is one of pioneering research institution in health science researches. Our focus is to promote a wide range of innovation and research that are beneficial to societal need and improving the quality of life of the people in our community. Explore our research-webpages to learn more about our talented researchers, research highlights, resources for researchers, and research units/groups/centres where our research happens.

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