Perdana University Endowment Fund



Approving Authority 

All G&E endowed to the University are subject to the approval of the PU Endowment Fund ‘s Board of Trustees in accordance to the University’s Rules and Regulations. 

Monetary Donations 

(a) Monetary donations may be given in the form of cash, cheques, electronic fund transfers, credit card transactions or other cash transfer media accepted by the University. (b) Employees of the University may make donations by way of salary deductions. 

(c) For monthly/scheduled donations, the Donor may do so through credit card payments, salary deductions and/or pre-authorized electronic transfer of funds. 

(d) Monetary donations shall be issued to the PU Bursary and may be received by Schools, Departments, Centres or any Units in the University. All gifts must be forwarded to the PU Endowment Fund Secretariat for processing. 

(e) Receipts shall be issued by the University’s Bursary for all monetary donations under G&E. 

Pledged Gifts 

For all pledges of value RM10,000 or more, a Letter of Intent or Gift Agreement must be executed by the Donor. All pledged gifts must be realised by the donor within six (6) months from the date of the Letter of Intent or Gift Agreement. 

Non-Monetary Donations 

(a) The PU Endowment Fund Secretariat is responsible to evaluate and coordinate the receiving of all non-monetary items of G&E, and to inform the University’s Bursary. 

(b) An acknowledgement or receipt shall be provided by the University’s Bursary on all non-monetary donations under G&E. 

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