A Lovely Evening – Perdana University School of Occupational Therapy Pre-Graduation Dinner

A Lovely Evening - Perdana University School of Occupational Therapy Pre-Graduation Dinner

A farewell and celebration dinner for the Perdana University School of Occupational Therapy (PUScOT) graduating student was held on the 18th October 2019 (Friday) from 7:30pm to 10:00pm at 10 gram, Cyberjaya. This dinner was a great opportunity to gather the upcoming graduates who are graduating on this Sunday to cherish the memories and the accomplishments achieved over the course of their education.

We are so lucky to be able to invite Dr. Fadhullah, the Vice Chancellor of Perdana University and Professor Nathan, the Dean of PUScOT to be part of the guests for this event. At the beginning of the event, both Dr. Fadhullah and Prof Nathan gave us some words of wisdom to guide the fellow graduates and others who were there in the event. This event was also attended by our PUScOT students, former and current lectures. These included Ms. Syaqina and Mr. Zaidin. It was so great to be able to see them on that day! Wong as the representative of our first batch graduates had attended this event as well.

Besides that, Sarah, one of our PUScOT juniors, from the batch Puscot201702 performed an amazing singing performance to make this event livelier. In this event, we have lucky draws and ice-breaking moment.  In addition, we took this opportunity to present awards and certificate to the Dean lists’ students and the committee members of Perdana University Students of Occupational Therapy Club.

During the evening four students from Class of 2015, Vanessa, Dhashmini, Tashvin and Navitha took the opportunity to give a short farewell speech to the fellow attendees of this dinner. They expressed their gratitude to everyone, including lecturers and friends, who had supported them through their education journey so far, as well as giving some advice to their juniors. A video of precious moment with the seniors and songs was presented to them as to bless and mark the beginning journey as an occupational therapist.

In summing up the whole dinner, it was heart-warming to see how everyone enjoyed this event, wore a big happy smile on their faces and bonding with one and another. Of course, we could not say it was a perfect event but definitely, it was an unforgotten memory for us. It was a successful event as it brought every one of us together.



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