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School of Data Sciences (PUScDS)

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Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses a combination of approaches to extract knowledge or insights from data. It is an exciting area with tremendous opportunities to improve the quality of life for people across the world. Data science is applicable to a broad range of fields such as life sciences, physical sciences, engineering and technology, and social sciences, among others. Perdana University plans to grow the School of Data Sciences in a sunrise fashion with an initial phase focus on life sciences. Life science research is at a crossroads. The turn of the 21st century has heralded unprecedented technological advancements.

The ‘omics’ revolution allows description of the molecular landscape of individuals with astonishing depth and breadth. However, the translation of the ‘omics’ discoveries and unravelling of the mysteries of complex chronic diseases will require significant cross-disciplinary collaboration. Bioinformatics is a transformative science that brings together this form of collaboration.

The School aims to be on the vanguard for data science. It was set up to concurrently address the three interconnected facets of an academic endeavor—research, education and services—in order to effectively contribute to the advancement of data science in Malaysia and beyond. Research enables discovery and understanding of the unknown, fuelled by quality education of the known, for the service of the local and global community as a whole. The School aims to make significant contributions in each one of these areas within the next five years. The School is currently supported by the Centres for Bioinformatics and Computing, and its startup arm, Alterquo Sdn Bhd, which keeps the School connected and aware of the latest developments, demands and headwinds of the industry. The School works closely with its various MoU partners. See our journey, through this dossier!

Associate Professor Dr. Yam Wai Keat
Acting Dean, Perdana University School of Data Sciences


Perdana University – School of Data Sciences aims to be a key driver of data science research, education and services with a global reach


To become a data sciences hub or reference centre for collaborative knowledge discovery and an important global player in the field

Become a magnet to attract interdisciplinary, international research collaborations

Offer high-quality education and certificate training programmes

Provide products and services to the local and global markets

Accelerate development & establishment of programmes & research units at PU

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Programmes by Coursework


 Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) in Data Science JPT/BPP (N/481/6/0812) (MQA/PA11408) 05/24 

 Postgraduate Diploma in Bioinformatics JPT/BPP (R/545/7/0032) (MQA/FA3572) 01/24   

Master of Science (MSc) Bioinformatics (By Coursework) JPT/BPP (N/481/7/0822) (MQA/FA10086) 10/23   


Programmes by Research

 Master of Science (MSc) Bioinformatics   JPT/BPP (R/545/7/0039) (MQA/FA4826) 06/24  
 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)    JPT/BPP (N720/8/0061) (MQA/PA4813) 12/19    


Continuing Education

Pursuing degrees and certificates for career advancement to meeting a profession’s continuing education, learning is a life-long endeavor.
  DSxBootcamp (Bioinformatics)    

 DSxBootcamp (Data Sciences)    

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