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Pro-Chancellor's Message

Photograph of Pro-Chancellor Dr Mohan Swami

YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Dr Mohan Swami, JP


Perdana University is now six years old commencing initially with two medical programmes.

The University has grown gradually to include several other programmes. More schools will be established as we go along.

The Board of Governors is doing its best to set up strong foundations for the University. These foundations will become the roots of the Institutional Tree. The Faculty and Staff are the nutrients that feed this tree to produce the best flowers and fruits. The flowers that bloom from this tree are students who will graduate from the various branches of the tree. And through the fragrance of these flowers, our mission can be fulfilled.

The Management must continue to work hard and selflessly to ensure that the needs of the students and the University are met in a timely and productive manner. The ideals of good governance and ensuring quality must be translated into practice by everyone. All the stakeholders of this University especially the people of this nation must ultimately benefit from this initiative through more than many ways.

Through Perdana University, we shall persevere to see our mission grow and transform the educational system in the country. ‘Transformation is not only about change, it is also about growth’.

As graduates of Perdana University you must now contribute and serve society as much as you can from the knowledge that you have obtained.

I wish to thank the various Ministries of the Government of Malaysia, the Members of the Board of Governors, the Management, the Staff, the Faculty, the Students and one and all who in one way or another have contributed to make this institution a formidable one through sheer perseverance.

Thank you.
YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Dr Mohan Swami, JP
Pro Chancellor

Click to view the full context of the Pro-Chancellor’s speech at the Perdana University’s 2nd Convocation held on 7th September 2017.