Thavaneshan Kunasekaran

Thavaneshan enrolled in Perdana University back in 2016 to pursue his career in medicine and is currently in Year 5. Prior to medicine, he has taken and successfully completed Foundation In Science at Perdana University in the year 2017. Aspiring to become a knowledgeable and loved surgeon one day, Thavaneshan holds a special place in his heart for orthopedics, though he has grown fond of the other specialties of medicine and is, thus, keeping his options for the future open. Thavaneshan strongly believes medicine is not confined to theory and has been a part of several events which hold a common theme: world healthcare, healthcare equity, and leadership. Besides his passion for medicine, he is also a keen aquarist and practices mixed martial arts in his spare time. Thavaneshan believes all his medical and non-medical interests can somehow be knitted together to provide his best for his future patients.

Malaysia’s PREMIER University
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