Anu Vaisanavy

Anu is in her final year of medical school at Perdana University-Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Kuala Lumpur.

Born and bred in Petaling Jaya, she went to the all-girls school of Assunta Primary and Secondary. She was head girl at Assunta Secondary and graduated in 2015. She cherishes her school days dearly as the school’s Latin motto ‘Ad Veritatem, Per Caritatem’ meaning ‘To truth through charity’ holds a special place in her heart and which she tries to live by every day. She was later awarded a certificate in Foundation of Science from the Johore Matriculation College.

Anu enjoys being hands-on with work and appreciates learning new things. She has worked with various committees and has also been active in community-based research during her university days.

Anu also has a passion for the performing arts, particularly drama, which she was introduced to during her school days. She loves spending her leisure time watching movies, trying out new recipes, and traveling. She wishes to combine her love for traveling and medicine and serve communities worldwide one day.

Malaysia’s PREMIER University
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