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Special Scholarships in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

1) Applicable to all Malaysian students who intend to continue any Degree programme with Perdana University.
2) Students must meet the entry requirements for Foundation study, and prerequisite requirements for the degree.

Programmes Available: 
Entitlement Requirement
(Previous Yearly Result)
Scholarship Value
CGPA 3.7 and Above40% off next YEARLY tuition fee
CGPA 3.5 to 3.6930% off next YEARLY tuition fee
CGPA 3.49 and Below25% off next YEARLY tuition fee


1) 40% Scholarship of first year tuition fee will  be awarded upon successful obtaining an Offer in any degree programme.
2) Progression scholarship for the following year will be assessed by the yearly result.
1) 50% Scholarship rebate for postgraduate students who opt for full settlement, payment shall make no later than 4 weeks upon class commencement.
2) Applicable to International and Malaysian Students.
3) For Malaysian students, Tuition Fees are payable by EPF/HRDF and etc.
1) Submit the admission documents as below:
  • Programme Application Form (Download)
  • Scholarship Application Form  (Download)
  • NRIC/Passport Copy
  • Academic Certificate and Transcripts
  • Latest Resume
3) You can reach our Marketing team by WhatsApp for more details if required
  • Gina (+6016-6948780) 
  • Ezanil (+6019-2176547)
  • Mellyssa (+6019-9126828) 

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