Perdana University student participation in a community project

Perdana University student participation in a community project

I participated in a volunteer programme in Sabah during the summer break of 2017 under the Student’s Volunteer Foundation (Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa) banner. This is an organization that helps students to become leaders through high impact volunteer programmes. It emphasises on students’ thinking skills in solving world/community problems. This was a small and short scale activity lasting for about 2 weeks but the memories and experiences would last a lifetime. Assigned to one of the interior villages with 10 other students from various universities around Malaysia, we were required to come up with activities that would have an impact on the villagers. We contributed to the community in terms of health (health screening in collaboration with KOSPEN), education (UPSR classes), agrobiology (landscaping activities in and around the school), ICT classes and disaster management (building a drainage system).

One completely lasting and big impact that I would say my team and I did was creating a drain in the school compound to overcome the drainage problem that the school children were having. The village experienced a nasty flood situation a few years ago which caused chaos and resulted in a drainage problem. Every time it rained, the pathway which the children used to go to the canteen and bathroom was compromised. It was not only an eyesore but was also sad to see because they could only do so much to avoid getting their school uniform wet. We managed to get sponsors for cement and stones from some of the village officials and got to work on building a 21.5 metre drain for the school. We could see the full impact of it before we left the village as no water was stagnant on the pathway but we are also aware that our drain would only last for a few years.

You will have a chance to make a change, whether small or big, build connections, expose yourself to the reality of the world and challenge your adaptability skills by participating in such programmes.

Rachel Mahesan
Perdana University Student


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