Perdana-U Academy

Established in 2011, Perdana University has remained steadfast in its mission to become a leading higher learning institution dedicated to global excellence in academia, research, scholarship, and service. In addition to our renowned programs in health science, business and entrepreuneurship, and data science, we are committed to bridging the gap between academic expertise and the evolving needs of businesses across various sectors.

In today’s dynamic educational and business environment, the collaboration between academia and industry is more essential than ever. Positioned at the intersection of knowledge, application, lifelong learning, and professional development, Perdana University continues to advance this partnership through its Perdana-U Academy hub. Perdana-U Academy is strategically positioned to cater to industry demands in Digital, Health Science, Leadership, Business, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Wellness, and Research & Consultancy.

As an HRDC approved training provider, Perdana-U Academy sets itself apart by curating content, experiences, and expertise derived from cutting-edge research, innovative solutions, and collaborative initiatives. Our approach is anchored in collaboration, agility, and relevance, ensuring that our programs and services are grounded in practical insights and industry best practices.

Whether through executive education and training programs, consultancy services, or collaborative research projects, our objective is to empower businesses with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to thrive in today’s competitive landscape and meet the demands of modern work. The Perdana-U Academy is dedicated to delivering professional, bespoke solutions that drive success and innovation for our partners and stakeholders.

Perdana-U Academy Sample Courses


Building a Healthy Workplace: Integrating Health Science Principles for      Organizational Wellness
Creating a Culture of Health: Implementing Organizational Wellness Programs Rooted in Health Science
From Theory to Practice: Applying Health Science Insights for Enhanced Organizational Health
Maximizing Employee Performance through Health Science and Organizational Wellness Strategies
Health Science Leadership: Empowering Managers to Drive Organizational Wellness Initiatives
The Science of Well-being: Implementing Evidence-based Strategies for Organizational Health







 Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging AI, Digital, and Data Science for Business Success

• Unlocking Business Potential with AI, Data Science, and Digital Technologies

• Digital Transformation Essentials: Integrating AI and Data Science into Corporate StrategyDriving Business Growth through AI, Digital, and Data Science Strategies

• AI and Data Science for Executives: Navigating Digital Disruption in the Corporate Landscape

• AI-Driven Operations: Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness in Business Processes

• Creating a Data-Driven Culture: Empowering Employees with AI, Digital, and Data Science Skills


• Strategic Business Leadership: Navigating Growth and Innovation
• Entrepreneurial Mindset: Cultivating Innovation and Opportunity in Business Environments
• Leadership Essentials for Entrepreneurs: Driving Change and Transformation
• Sustainable Business Strategy
• Driving a Culture of Entrepreneurship: Fostering Innovation within Organizations
• Financial Management for Business Leaders: Maximizing Profitability and Sustainability
• Building High-Performance Teams: Leadership Skills for Business Success
• Strategic Partnerships and Alliances: Leveraging Collaboration for Business Growth


• Consulting in the Digital Age: Harnessing Technology for Client Solutions
• Risk Management and Compliance
• Strategic Planning for Market Entry into Emerging Economies
• Customer Segmentation and Targeting Strategy Development
• Organizational Effectiveness Assessment and Improvement Recommendations
• Supply Chain Optimization Recommendations for Cost Reduction and Efficiency
• Digital Transformation Roadmap: Assessing Technology Needs and Implementation Strategies



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