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The Translational Research Clusters reflect the forward movement of academic research from Discovery to Development to Dissemination.  At PUCRE, clusters provide support to individual faculty projects appropriate to their translational stage, and as such individual faculty may affiliate with multiple clusters and move between clusters.


Advanced pre-clinical trials to validate therapeutic effects of phytonutrient formulations utilizing nutrigenomics and rat models (cardiovascular, cognitive dysfunction and diabetic disorders).
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Research Team:  Dr Indu Jaganath (MARDI), Dr Brian KirbyDr Kamalan Jeevaratnam, Prof Aidan Bradford


Multi-site HPV vaccine acceptability study.
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Research team: Dr Karen Morgan (Principal Investigator), Mr Amuthan GaneshMs Anne Jamaludin, Sangeeta Kaur (Research Manager) and Kanason Rajagobal (Research Officer)


Avian influenza A virus mutations as signatures of human infection.
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Research Team: Dr Mohammad Asif Khan (Principal Investigator), Dr Thomas J August (Adjunct Faculty, Johns Hopkins), Tan Swan (Research Assistant), and Hadia Syahirah (Research Assistant).

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