Why Perdana University?

Established as a Public Private Partnership project, Perdana University is committed to providing premier programmes. For students looking for a university to call home, Perdana University offers you the best mix of great education and student care you deserve. The university is highly concerned with the quality of its education offerings, which is why it has taken many steps to ensure all its partnerships and collaborations are with some of the leading names in tertiary education.

Guarantees of Quality

A quality education especially in critical areas of study such as health and medicine, cannot be taken for granted. Students can be assured that the programmes offered at Perdana University meet academic standards set by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) as well as those set by the relevant professional bodies. Furthermore, as part of our efforts for continuous improvement, we regularly consult experts in the field to provide feedback on the programmes, and work those recommendations into the curriculum at regular intervals.

Top Reasons Why Students Pick Perdana University

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Up to RM400,000 Worth of Scholarships Per Student

Focused Classrooms with Low Student-Lecturer Ratio

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Top Recognised Medical University Locally & Internationally

The Only University In Malaysia to Provide a 5+0 Irish Medical Degree

Financial Support

Our students come to us from various backgrounds, but with one common dream of getting solid start to their careers in healthcare. Whether your dream is to be a doctor or allied health care professional, we make your dreams come through. By way of our discounts, scholarships and qualification for PTPTN, there are various ways in which you can apply for funding if you are eligible. Come talk to us and we will help you explore your options.

Student Welfare

Perdana University is home to students for the duration of their study from 3 to 5 years, and therefore student welfare and development are of paramount importance to us. From the day students walk onto the campus to enquire about a programme, to the day they leave our door a graduate, we are there offering a full array of supoort and guidance. Support and guidance is provided throughout their studies in terms of pastoral care and mentorship. We also provide accommodation and transport services to students who wish for the convenience of staying near the campus.

Come Study With Us

Perdana University has all the elements that make a great medical university. The training facilities are top-notch with the latest laboratory equipment in our labs and access to a great anatomy museum and skills lab. Moreover, Perdana University has agreements with the Ministry of Health for the use of Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Hospital Putrajaya, Hospital Tunku Ja’afar Seremban, Hospital Bentong, Hospital Shah Alam, Hospital Likas and Hospital Beaufort. You will learn so much through all the hands-on practise you are going to be getting, not to mention the knowledge from some of the finest health lecturers in the country. So, come study with us!

Malaysia’s PREMIER University
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