We understand that there is a lot to consider when choosing a course that you will be spending the next 4 to 5 years on; the course that is going to decide your career pathway. There are many things to take into consideration: the reputation of the university, the teaching force, the type of laboratory facilities and the syllabus among other elements. Well, count yourself blessed because Perdana University checks all the boxes and more.

Known as Malaysia’s prestigious medical school, the courses in health sciences are simply amazing, well-thought out and have students’ hands-on experience at its very core. Despite being affordable to Malaysians, the laboratories are high end and the medical instruments and equipment, the latest in medical training.

Here’s all you need to know about the courses and programmes offered at Perdana University.

Our Programmes

Foundation in Science

Our foundation programme is tailored with your future degree in mind. The foundation programme offered at Perdana University will prepare you for the Undergraduate Programmes. The curriculum is crafted to give you a strong foundation in the undergraduate areas of study. It is also designed to give you the soft skills required for your personal development.

Medical Degree in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

This is the only medical programme in Malaysia where all 5 years are offered fully locally (5+0). The programme awards the Bachelor of Medicine (MB), Bachelor of Surgery (BCh) and Bachelor of the Art of Obstetrics (BAO) licentiate diploma of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (LRCP&SI).

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (PUScOT)

Occupational Therapy is a specialty course and profession that requires dedicated individuals who are willing to give a helping hand. The occupational therapy programme at Perdana University is designed with academic rigour and vigour along with supervision and guidance throughout the entire programme.

Doctor of Medicine (PUGSOM)

Have a health science degree? Want to be a medical doctor? The Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM) offers the first and only Graduate Entry Medical programme in Malaysia. This is a US-style curriculum that prepares students to sit for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USLME).

Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Diploma in Bioinformatics

Living in a digital world, bioinformatics is essential for the analysis and interpretation of complex and large biological datasets generated by functional studies. It is used to propose the next set of experiments to derive a better understanding of biological processes.

Master of Science (Public Health)

As a health professional you have a role to play in public health. This includes organising measures to prevent diseases, promote health, and prolong life among the population as a whole, improving health conditions of entire populations. 

Master of Science in Bioinformatics (By Research)

The field of bioinformatics enhances your research capability and scholarly practice, helping you to be a better researcher. Gain insight into a broad range of biological questions using a range of mathematical, statistical, computing and bioinformatics tools. Perdana University’s School of Data Sciences researches infectious diseases, genomics, genetics, big data analytics and personalised medicine.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Love research and academia? Then let’s get you trained. The nation and the world needs more specialised scientists for a better understanding of health sciences as well as to improve the design and execution of appropriate health policies in Malaysia, and globally.

Continuing Education

Bioinformatics Bootcamp

Covering the basics of bioinformatics, this course will give students a solid understanding of what bioinformatics is and appreciate its pivotal role in interdisciplinary research. The Applied Bioinformatics course will then introduce advanced theoretical knowledge and equip participants with computational skills needed to analyse datasets on transcriptomics, cancer genomics, viral, immuno- and vaccine informatics.

Data Sciences Bootcamp

With 12 courses per intake and up to 4 intakes per year, applicants of this programme get to work on real world datasets and to gain a better understanding of the world of data sciences. This course is suitable for diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate students, data analyst, statisticians,  IT professionals, marketing and sales as well as industry and policy makers.

Upcoming Intakes

Medical Degree Programme (5+0) in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)| Sept 2018/ Sept 2019
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Occupational Therapy| Sept 2018 / April 2019
Doctor of Medicine Programme (4+0) Graduate Entry Medicine | Sept 2018/ Sept 2019
Postgraduate Diploma in Bioinformatics| Sept 2018/ Sept 2019
Master of Science in Public Health| Sept 2018/ Sept 2019
Master of Science in Bioinformatics| Sept 2018/ Sept 2019
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)| All year long

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