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Our Logo


The inner logo which is reflected in the shade of orange represents a flame to symbolize our burning aspiration to learn and discover new breakthroughs. The flame represents the beginning of an exciting educational endeavour that aims to remain current and energetic whilst pursuing the future. The contrast between the inner orange flame and the outer blue symbolises the university’s bold, spirited and innovative approach to education and research.


The outer logo symbolizes a pair of hands shielding our burning aspiration thus representing our inextinguishable desire to embrace and pursue new discoveries in education and research. It also symbolises our commitment to protect and honour the fundamental ethos of education in nurturing a greater society. The colour blue was chosen to reflect the vast sky and ocean in line with our ambition of providing an opportunity for borderless education to all levels of society irrespective of background. The colour blue also gives a sense of corporate strength and dynamism in our pursuit of excellence.

Taken together, the logo represents a burning oil lamp symbolizing the university as a never ending source of knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of humanity.

Our Motto

“Perdana University – Where the past and the future is present”

Malaysia’s PREMIER University
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