Being a University student is an exciting time in your life with many opportunities and challenges.

At Perdana University, we understand and provide the opportunities for our students to be successful. Student Experience attends and provide support towards our students from their point of entering the campus, to their point of graduation, and eventually joining and becoming an Alumni member.

We provide Orientation programs to all new students when they first arrive into the university. We offer a wide range of exciting activities, which give support in their development. We prepare our students on becoming a successful professionals.

A Unique Learning Experience


We offer you a global experience.

We believe that, regardless of the education programme or career path you choose, you will collaborate with a diverse team comprising members from various parts of the world, each with distinct cultures and perspectives. You will receive training to function effectively within a team, capable of addressing challenges across different industries, cultures, races, and geographical locations.

Our teaching and learning ecosystem has been meticulously crafted to align with the demands of your career and industry, providing a global experience.

Our unique learning experience encompasses the following:
– Globalised or international teaching, research, and extracurricular activities.
– Industrial learning environment with real-time case studies or projects for certain modules.
– Studying at Perdana University is about preparing you to become a leader in your industry with in-depth knowledge and experience.
– Dynamic learning environment with a multicultural and “Best Practices” concept.

Extending Beyond the Classroom


Our role extends to:
– Facilitating student exchange and student mobility programmes to enhance and broaden your horizons.
– Organising numerous study tours to industries for both undergraduate and postgraduate students for experiential learning.
– Sponsoring student activities and clubs wherever needed to build community leadership thinking and mindset.

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