Posted time July 15, 2022

Job Description

  • 1. To assist the University with all transport related duties.
  • 2. To provide transportation services to staff as well as variant products of material from specified location and ensure proper maintenance of the University’s vehicle by:
    • –  Keeping vehicles clean and tidy through normal washing and polishing.
    • –  Perform regular checking and maintenance tasks.
    • –  To perform routine checks on the company vehicle.
    • –  Maintaining accurate log and vehicle records.
    • –  Maintaining the vehicle safe and clean.
  • 3. To deliver, collect mails and document for the University.
  • 4. To manage mailing services.
  • 5. To prepare and record daily itinerary of dispatch and take delivery duties undertaken.
  • 6. Attend and perform any other duties as assigned by the HOD or immediate supervisor.

Application Form

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