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Interview with Rajwin Raja A/L Kanagarajah

Interview with Rajwin Raja A/L Kanagarajah

RCSI International Citizenship Award Conferred to PURCSI Graduates for the First Time

The International Citizenship Award was created in 2016 by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland to encourage medical students to be responsive to the diverse cultural and social challenges of their future profession. For the first time since it was established, RCSI is also honouring deserving PU-RCSI students. The inaugural recipients are Rajwin Raja A/L Kanagarajah and Solomon Raj A/L Vasudayan.


The interview with Rajwin Raja is below.


Why did you enroll in PURCSI?

R: The main reason was due to the fact that the university is considered as the creme de la creme amongst all universities in Malaysia and secondly because Perdana University offered me a globally recognized medical curriculum tailored for a local setting.


What do you like about the programme?

R: It is a well-structured programme with up-to-date pedagogical approach that not only produces knowledgeable and critical thinking medical professionals but also compassionate doctors with strong work ethics.


How did you study? How would you say you overcame challenges in your studies?

R: Personally for me, medicine is an equipoise between reasoning and rote.


During your studies here, were you involved in any clubs/associations/student committees? If yes, what are your favourite activities? 

R: Yes, I was part of the most active student-led society, the Perdana Editorial Network (PEN), an organisation that has withstood the test of time and still wields significant clout in the university. My stint here was a source of great satisfaction as I had an avenue to express my scholarly pursuits in addition to the opportunity to learn from some very adept people.


“I’m involved in community service and volunteering, helping out at an Autism Centre as well as with an NGO involved with empowering youths.”


What is your proudest moment as a PURCSI student? 

R: Being part of the zealous lot that was instrumental in spearheading the inaugural yearbook for Perdana University. It was our way of showing our appreciation towards our alma mater.


Most memorable moment?

R: All the last minute group studying where we tried to imbibe one semester’s worth of syllabus in one day!


Now that you’ve graduated, what is the next step?

R: Currently, I’m still waiting for my housemenship placement and in the meantime I’m involved in community service and volunteering, helping out at an Autism Centre as well as with an NGO involved with empowering youths.


And finally, what are your career goals?

R: Having a penchant for health policies as well as health financing, I aspire to be a Public Health Specialist and bring about impactful micro and macro level changes to our health care system that still leaves much to be desired.



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