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Interview with Lee Voon Kaen

Interview with Lee Voon Kaen

Chancellor’s Award Winner on His Learning Experiences and New Career Aspirations

Lee Voon Kaen was the Chancellor’s Award recipient at the 3rd Convocation of Perdana University. The Chancellor Award is conferred to the graduate that showed excellence in all aspects of education, research and service. His research experience motivated him to consider clinical research as a career pathway, one that we are confident he will succeed in. In this interview, he talks about what he values about the PU-RCSI programme and his future aspirations.


Why did you enroll in PURCSI?

LVK: I enrolled in PU-RCSI because it is a unique programme that combines the best of Irish and Malaysian medical education. Students can expect excellent education and quality training that prepares them to be the future leaders of healthcare in Malaysia.

What do you like about the programme?

LVK: The PU-RCSI programme is recognised by the Irish Medical Council (IMC), the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and other regulatory bodies throughout the world. The degrees allow the holder to pursue postgraduate training worldwide. In addition to clinical knowledge, the curriculum also aims to equip students with essential soft skills such as communication, interpersonal, critical thinking and lifelong learning skills via small group study and assignments throughout the syllabus.


“Success only comes with effort, and every failure is a stepping stone to it.”


How did you study? How would you say you overcame challenges in your studies?

LVK: I am grateful to my family, friends, lecturers and staff of PURCSI for their unconditional support and guidance. The study of medicine is challenging: it requires commitment, hard work, passion and a lot of perseverance. Most importantly, we must adopt a positive attitude and a healthy mindset in order to overcome these challenges. For example, we should always remember that success only comes with effort, and every failure is a stepping stone to it. In addition, be grateful for every experience, good or bad, as they will definitely help us to grow into a better and stronger person.

What is your proudest moment as a PU-RCSI student?

LVK: The proudest moment as a student of PURCSI is when we get recognition or compliments from hospital staff or patients. It is satisfying to know that our effort is appreciated by others.

Most memorable moment?

LVK: One of the highlights of medical school was the unique research opportunities I had undertaken through PU’s Summer Research Program. I was actively involved throughout the entire research process, from its initial planning to data collection, data analysis, scientific write-up, oral and poster presentations, leading to a publication in a peer-reviewed journal. These experiences were highly valuable as I picked up important research skills and made wonderful friends in the process.

Now that you’ve graduated, what is the next step? If you’ve already found employment, please indicate the place and position.

LVK: After graduation, I would like to spend some quality time with friends and family, and seek new experiences such as travelling around before the start of housemanship.

And finally, what are your career goals?

LVK: Upon reflection, early exposure to research has sparked an interest to further my career as a clinician-researcher, with a long-term aspiration of moving into hospital management. Being a lecturer in the future is a wonderful choice to pass on knowledge and experience to the next generations as well.

Chancellor's Award Winner on His Learning Experiences and New Career Aspirations


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