Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department aims to be a centre of technological excellence that advances learning, teaching, research, and student formation, in alignment with the vision and mission of Perdana University. Our mission is to provide secure, reliable, and integrated technological solutions in alignment with the academic and administrative goals of PU, while delivering excellence in customer service and innovation.

The department comprises three functional units: Enterprise Computing Unit, Academic Computing Unit, and Infrastructure and Network Unit. Enterprise Computing Unit is responsible for designing, adopting, promoting and implementing industry best practices for an enterprise system to meet the diverse business computing needs at Perdana University. The Academic Computing Unit is in charge for e-learning, student support, research support, library systems and institutional repository. Meanwhile, the Infrastructure and Network Unit is central for industry best practices aiming towards a scalable, reliable and secure ICT infrastructure that effectively supports the academic and administrative functions at Perdana University.


IT Department Service Catalogue

  • Secure Private Cloud Computing
  • Support and Access to IT Services
  • Information and feedback about IT services
  • Orientation for University IT services
  • Internet access via wired and wireless networks
  • E-mail services
  • Electronic file storage
  • Networked printing for students and staff
  • Laptop/Desktop environment for staff and Students
  • Server Hosting and Management – including Web Application and Database Hosting
  • Software and hardware contract management – including software licensing

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