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Foundation in Science


The Foundation in Science programme offered at Perdana University will prepare you for the Undergraduate Programmes. The curriculum is crafted to give you a strong foundation in the undergraduate areas of study. It is also designed to give you the soft skills required for your personal development.

Start your journey to a Perdana University Medical Degree

International recognition for research-led teaching, a dynamic environment and an excellent employment record for graduates make Perdana University your ideal destination to pursue a medical degree.

Our Foundation in Science programme offers the perfect first stage of this journey. As a one-year intensive access course for students without A-Levels, it will prepare you academically and socially to start an undergraduate science degree. Successful completion of the Foundation in Science programme guarantees progression to full degree-level courses at  Perdana University, which offers expert teaching staff and world-class facilities.

Providing a solid background in science and transferable academic and life skills, the programme is designed to prepare you for a rewarding university experience, as well as being an important step towards an exciting and lucrative career.

Study Pathway

Flowchart of study pathway for Foundation in Science

Typical degrees that Foundation in Science students progress onto include:

Occupational Therapy
 Biomedical Sciences
 Food Science

All of our modules are designed and taught by University lecturers and are therefore tailored with your future degree in mind.

Students who wish to progress onto one of our highly regarded degrees in science typically study at least four of the following modules:

Academic Skills
 ICT Skills

Students who have an IELTS score of 6.5 or below will need to study our International English module in place of one of the above.

Academic Team

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Recognition & Accreditation:
This programme is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)

Course Approval Number:

42 weeks (full-time)

Intake Dates:
April, July & September

*SPM / O-Level or equivalent: Minimum 5 credits including Mathematics & 2 Science subjects & a pass in Bahasa Melayu, English & History

Unified Examination Certificate (UEC): 3 B4 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics / Mathematics / Additional Mathematics

Other Qualifications: Will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Students who wish to pursue the Perdana University-Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (PU-RCSI) programme are required to meet the pre-requisite below:
*SPM / O-Level: 5Bs each in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics / Additional Mathematics and another subject.

Malaysian Students
The total tuition fee is RM18,000. However, it could be free with the Full Scholarship Scheme*.

International Students
The total tuition fee is USD5,000. However, it could be free with the Full Scholarship Scheme*.

NOTE: *Terms and conditions apply. The above tuition fee does not include miscellaneous charges. Kindly contact the University for more details.

We offer generous scholarships and discounts for students who are keen to study at the Perdana University. Malaysian and International students are eligible to apply. The minimum O-Level / SPM grades required and amount of scholarships are listed below:

*Terms & conditions apply.

50% / 100% Scholarship Scheme
This scholarship scheme that could waive 50% or 100% of the total tuition fee of Foundation in Science is offered to both Malaysian and International students. Qualified students who have completed the foundation programme and have gained admission to an undergraduate programme at Perdana University are eligible to apply.

NOTE: Kindly contact the University for Application Deadline and other details.

I have not obtained the final results for my SPM but based on my forecasted results, I do not meet the requirement for any of the programmes. Can I still submit my application?


We would advise you to submit your application form, but we will not process your application until we have received your final SPM results. The application fees will only be charged upon confirmation that your final SPM result has met our entry requirement.

Is there any scholarship available?


Yes, we are offering a RM1,000 scholarship for every “A” you get in your SPM (regardless of A+ or A-), for a maximum of RM9,000. In addition, if you have 7 “A”s and above, you will receive this maximum (RM9,000) amount.

When is the intake?


We have 3 intakes a year, which is April, July and September.

If I can’t get into the medical course and I do not like occupational therapy either. What are the other options I have?


As our foundation course is accredited by MQA, you may look for other degree courses in other universities locally and this is subject to approval by the respective universities.