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Preventing and Managing Bullying at the Workplace

UPDATE: This event has been postponed to 24 & 25th April 2019


1.0: Introduction / Purpose

This 2-day short course introduces an overview of bullying, its impact on today Malaysians. There is a duty of care requirements for an organization to take all reasonable steps to eliminate bullying, harassment and violence in the work environment.

Upper, middle management and employees have a responsibility to ensure that relevant policies and procedures are both understood and abided by to deter and prevent inappropriate behaviours among working colleagues and their subordinates.

This course provides up-to-date evidence regarding preventions, a duty of care obligations and management on anti-bullying measures. It examines how to use evidence-based strategies to identify and address bullying, harassment and looks at prevention tools to ensure the organisation maintains appropriate behaviours that align with respective work culture.


2.0: Objectives

  • To provide guidance and the latest evidence on how organizations can help promote prevention as an effective strategy and management of bullying behaviour (the use of evidence as knowledge)

  • To help institutions prevent and respond to bullying effectively (duty of care).

  • To help institutions create a safe and positive environment in which their employees can produce relevant outputs efficiently and effectively (management).


3.0: Outcomes

  • Understand why the perceptions of individuals can differ (the use of evidence as knowledge)

  • Understand legislative compliance requirements associated with preventing and addressing bullying and harassment (evidence as knowledge)

  • Identify types and examples of inappropriate behaviours (preventions)

  • Respond to any instances of inappropriate behaviour that may occur (duty of care)

  • Develop and implement strategies and techniques to manage and prevent bullying behaviours (prevention and management)

  • Participants to develop a strategic plan for a safe and positive environment in their institutions (prevention and management)


4.0: Topics to cover

  • Understanding bullying (evidence as knowledge)

  • Bullying Policies and Processes (evidence as knowledge)

  • Responding to Bullying Behaviours (preventions + duty of care)

  • Creating Safe and Positive Environment (prevention and management)


About the Speakers


Dr Sangeeta Kaur has been involved in development work over the last 12 years. At a national level, she provided technical guidance to government and civil societies who were managing national programmes that contributed towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Her proficiencies are mainly on advocacy, research and guiding interventions in public health domain. Such experience may entail large scale of scope reviewing strategic information on twenty-six countries or management of programme that reached out to the marginalized and vulnerable population at the national level.

In reference to bullying programme, Dr Sangeeta together with the Psychology & Behavioral Science team at PERDANA UNIVERSITY – Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland School of Medicine; have been actively engaged in research and interventions on bullying since 2017. The team have completed a research project on “The perception and awareness of cyberbullying among parents in three semi-urban districts in Malaysia’ in 2017. The finding from this study was also presented at the European Health Psychology Conference in Italy. In addition, the team are actively working with private companies to promote active policy and engagement on bullying behaviours that also reflects issues pertaining to cyberbullying.

Dr Sangeeta has also supported various activities on assessing and building the capacity of national partners such as government stakeholders and members of civil society organization. Her knowledge and experience in this regard are reflected in her consulting assignments with government officials in Hanoi, Timor Leste and at regional level; strategic partners such as Alliance group, AusAID, USAID, UNICEF, ANPUD, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Puan Darlina Hani is a clinical psychologist and a full-member of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP) with experience in hospital and private practice settings. Compassionately committed to working together with adult, teenage and child clients in providing assessment and psychotherapy for mental health issues. This includes cases such as anxiety, depression, trauma, bullying, adjustment difficulties and relationship challenges. A dedicated lecturer in educating undergraduate medical students important health and clinical psychology concepts to produce well-rounded doctors. A health coach with a pioneer digital therapeutics company which aims to help people build mental resilience to achieve their life goals and improve their overall health profile. A researcher with main interests in cyberbullying among children and adults, and the efficacy of the internet and technology for psychotherapy. Puan Darlina also has conducted various mental health and wellness talks and workshops with corporate clients and schools.


Mr. Ernest Balasingam
is a partner at Messrs Gibb & Co Advocates & Solicitors in Ipoh. He specializes in the area of employment and insurance law and general litigation. He has 22 years in Industrial relations litigation where he has identified shortcomings in organizational management and facilitated the company in remedying it. In addition, he has been initiating right sizing options for companies with effective separation schemes His early employment life he was in Senior Management in the Hyatt & Parkroyal Hotels group where he had exposure in Compliance and Risk Management which till today forms part of his training dossier in Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Legal related matters.



Dr. Gurdeep S Grewal is a practicing medical doctor and Psychiatrist. He has more than 14 of experience working in the area of psychological health and has worked in major mental health facilities around the country as well as being a HRDF Certified Trainer.

He is passionate about the promotion of psychological wellbeing and prevention of mental illnesses and has conducted courses for various organizations, including within the civil service and for NGO’s. Working at the individual and organizational level, he focuses on identifying stress and coming up with solutions for preventing, minimizing and coping with stress and other psychological problems. Dr Grewal is also specialized in helping people cope with trauma using specialized techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and other forms of psychotherapy. He is currently lecturing at Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine and practices at The Mind Faculty and Thompson Hospital.


Dr. Anne Noor Sri Juwaneeta Jamaludin is a public health specialist. She has been involved in various research and training within the realm of public health for more than a decade. She specialises in the area of childhood injuries, focused mainly on non-accidental injuries (child abuse and neglect) and looking at the impact of trauma in these children especially at the community level.

Prior to that she had worked extensively on the ground with local communities on health prevention and harm reduction programmes, specifically looking at women and children who are infected and affected by infectious diseases. She has been actively engaged with partners such as UNICEF Malaysia and was seconded to the Institute for Health Management, Ministry of Health Malaysia to set up the Institute of Health Management-UNICEF Collaborative Centre for Health Policy, Enhancement and Appraisal in 2005. The centre work in focused areas such as development of policy papers for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, monitoring and evaluation of the national’s methadone substitution therapy and researches among others. SHe had also served as a consultant to the International Planned Parenthood Federation for South East Asia, Oceanic Region (IPPF-SEAOR) for training and workshop.

Dr Anne is also a registered counsellor, having served as a counsellor at various institutions such as the All Women’s Action Malaysia (AWAM) and AktifOtak Clinic (specializing in therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder), Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-Kanak (PAKK) for high risk and vulnerable children under Yayasan Chow Kit. Dr Anne is also a certified HRDF Trainer and had recently conducted a training for new volunteers at Yayasan Salam for their Mentor-Mentee Program under the Sekolah Bimbingan Jalinan Kasih (SBJK), Chow Kit.


Dr. Isriyanti Rafae is a Family Medicine Specialist. She has been a general practitioner (GP) since 2004. She is a life member for Academy of Family Physician of Malaysia, where she actively participates as a director in the Communication Skills Workshop for the Graduate Certificate of Family Medicine since 2016 and also is a mentor for the Advanced Training of Family Medicine since 2014. She hopes to help shape a better Primary Care service in Malaysia to improve overall community health needs. In terms of bullying in school, she had encountered and helped those children who faced bullies which often manifests as somatic symptoms or school refusal when consulting a GP. She hopes to share with the educators at school how to detect and manage young children or adolescents facing the aforementioned difficulties.



Nur Arfah Zaini is a Clinical Psychologist (a member of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology,MSCP) and a registered Counsellor (KbPa). She has more than a decade of counselling experiences with young adults and adults dealing with mental health related issues such as adaptation, anxiety, depression, relationships adjustments, self-esteem, suicide attempt and career planning. Her work with children (and parents) include psychological assessments and psychotherapy. She is currently teaching health behaviour and patient safety module, and psychology courses in a public-private university in Serdang, Selangor. She practices her clinical skills with special needs children and their parents at a private institution in Bangi, Selangor. Nur Arfah Zaini is a certified HRDF trainer and a member of MERCY Malaysia. She had conducted multiple parenting programs throughout Malaysia and volunteered in MERCY missions.





April 24 @ 8:00 am
April 25 @ 5:00 pm


Learning Studio 1 & 2, Block B, Perdana University
MAEPS Building, MARDI Complex, Jalan MAEPS Perdana
Serdang, Selangor 43400 Malaysia

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