Rowland Mosbergen is a “translator” with 22 years experience in it as a developer, analyst/programmer, team leader, software architect and small business owner. He has 10 years of experience in research, 8 of those with the Stemformatics project – a bioinformatics tool that allows biologists to visualise their gene expression data online.

Rowland has worked at the corporate level with large financial institutions like Merrill Lynch and National Australia Bank on their risk management systems and at the small business level to provide computer support. He is now working at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.


DSxConference 2020 Sessions

COVID-19 eResearch Experiences and Collaborations in Australasia and Southeast Asia – Upskilling Support for Pandemic Response, Preparedness and Recovery
Tuesday, December 1  | 1400 – 1535
Virtual Room 1

Challenges, Opportunities, and Possible Frameworks for Continuing to Build Bioinformatics Software Communities Across Asia
Thursday, December 3  | 1600 – 1645
Virtual Room 1

Bioinformatics software communities face challenges both technical and social in an environment that is constantly changing. Within Asia the challenge is to build on the communities that already exist and to provide a vision of what it could look like in the future. This presentation provides a high-level overview of some of the challenges and opportunities faced by bioinformatics software communities in Asia. It provides examples of international collaboration, open source communities and frameworks that might be of interest to community builders in Asia.