Dr. Young Jun Kim is currently a professor of the department of Food & Biotechnology of Korea University. He also served for the university as a vice president of general affairs and as the vice president of the academy and industry relations. Currently he is the chief manager of the assistant consortium for small and medium size entrepreneurs in Sejong city, the administrative capital of Korea. He is the executive president of the academic society, Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition. He has also been actively involved in the research project in a collaboration with Food industrial such as Lotte co. Ltd, and also governmental agency, KFDA for the development of value added food products as well as monitoring detrimental residues in food products.



Data-driven strategic approach from funding to commercialisation in the field of food science and technology

Thursday, November 28  | 9.45am – 10.15am
Auditorium 2

Bench top research can produce valuable data out of noble idea and systemic approach based on accumulative data in a field of food science and technology. However, it is not always easy to make real value in industry out of the research data. Funding always empathize the industrialization, but research does not always respond to it. Edge cutting technology keeps being introduced to the field of food science, but the cost of results does not always meet the criteria in the market. The key of realization of the idea and results from arduous laboratory work is to meet the needs of industry and consumer at the same time and to make it persuasible to grant holders at the same time. Strategic approach from funding to value-creating commercialization will be introduced in the presentation.