Heru Suhartanto graduated in 1986 from his Undergraduate Program majoring in Mathematics at the Universitas Indonesia. In 1990, he completed the Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Toronto (UoT), Canada and in 1998 his PhD degree from the Department of Mathematics, the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia. Some of the major awards that he obtained are the Post Doctoral Fellow of Advanced Computational Modelling Center, UQ in 1992; Honorary Professor, School of ITEE, UQ, in 2014 – 2017; Adjunct Professor, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering is at UQ during 2017-2019; Universitas Indonesia Best Researcher in 2007; The University of Queensland Alumni Award in 2010. Visiting Professor of Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, Pardubice University, Czech Republic in 2014 and 2018. His main interests are computational mathematics, high performance computing and cloud computing.


DSxConference 2020 Session

COVID-19 eResearch Experiences and Collaborations in Australasia and Southeast Asia – Upskilling Support for Pandemic Response, Preparedness and Recovery
Tuesday, December 1  | 1400 – 1535
Virtual Room 1

Title: Indonesian e-Research Opportunity and Challenges.


Indonesia is geographically is a big country (bigger than the USA in terms of land and water coverage area) but it is an archipelago with thousands of islands. It has huge natural resources with immense biodiversity of plants and marine life (including those with medicinal purposes). Combined with more than 260 millions population – all of which leads to many BIG DATA and e-research challenges.

In this talk, we would like to share our experiences in finding a suitable approach to solve some of the challenges. This includes collaborating with other institutions in accessing HPC infrastructure, testing some commercial HPC providers and building tools for possible national HPC infrastructure sharing. Needless to say, we appreciate for any suggestion to assist us in dealing with our challenges.