Mogana Darshini Ganggayah was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics with Distinction from University Malaya in 2018. She then enrolled into PhD in Bioinformatics in 2018 till date in University Malaya. Currently, Mogana is actively involved in research and development related to bioinformatics. Her fields of expertise are data science, machine learning, database development and management, web development, and medical informatics. She is engaged with projects regarding big data especially medical data analytics from data management, knowledge extraction to pipeline development for decision-making. Mogana has been a teaching assistant for Bioinformatics undergraduates in University Malaya from 2018 till 2019. The courses that she has taught are Database Management and Operating System. Currently, Mogana is affiliated with The School of Data Sciences, Perdana University as a research assistant working on the development of decision support tool. She is also a certified trainer under Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). She had conducted courses namely Data Analytics Essentials, Machine Learning, Application of Big Data and Introduction to R and Data Visualization using R ggplot2. Her research interest in Data Science inspires herself to continually acquire new skills and knowledge in the state-of-the-art.