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1 – 3 December 2020

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Towards a Sustainable Societal Well-Being with Data Science

It is with a great pleasure that we invite you to Data Science eXchange Conference 2020. The theme for this year’s conference is “Towards a Sustainable Societal Well-Being with Data Science”. DSxConference 2020 focuses on showcasing the best of data science among students, post-docs, young and experienced researchers, interspersed with keynote and plenary talks by established researchers and luminaries in the field. Speakers from the industry are also invited to share the latest developments in data science. The event promises to be a great opportunity for scientific discourse.


DSxConference 2020 Organizing Committee recognized that COVID-19 is having a significant financial impact on some sectors of the community in which may render attendance at this year’s Conference. Hence, the Organizing Committee has decided to provide a free conference pass for everyone to attend the presentation sessions of the Conference. Also, for conference participants who would like to participate in the workshop sessions, the workshop pass fee has been set to be as affordable as possible. The workshop pass fee is per workshop session, not per day.

Conference Tracks

Data science not only requires the scientific theory and application towards making sense of the data/information, but also the peripheral technology and innovation that help data science practitioners process the data/information. This track will focus on research technology and innovation, which could help data science practitioners accelerate data extraction, transformation, analyses, and visualization/interpretation. Both hardware and software aspects of technology and innovation for data science will be presented in this track.

COVID-19 is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges that humankind is facing in the 21st century. It is a pandemic that does not only affect human health but also the socio-economic equation of countries around the world. Many joint research and development efforts to find the antidote to COVID-19 have been conducted and show promising results, which hopefully could end the pandemic soon. This track will focus on highlighting some of the efforts towards ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only focusing on the scientific effort but also efforts mitigating the ripple effect that the pandemic has caused.

Data science is a multi-disciplinary field which uses different technologies to extract knowledge and to solve problems using data. The technology here refers to the techniques used to extract a specific information from data. Large volume of data are being generated from various sectors such as healthcare, genomics, e-commerce, government, media, internet of things (IoT) and astronomy with insightful objectives. The technologies being used to achieve those objectives and to solve problems are data mining, machine learning, mathematics & statistics, decision support systems, data modelling, data processing, pattern recognition and data visualization. The outcomes from these techniques or methods using data should be able to enhance an existing system, solve a problem or to discover new invention and identify non-intuitive insights. Hence, anyone who is working on different data science techniques to extract knowledge from qualitative or quantitative research in different sectors can consider submitting an abstract.


RM 100 per workshop. Hover or tap on each workshop to learn more.

Accelerating Data Science Workflow End-to-end with GPU

Instructor: Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi

Basic Healthcare Data Analytics

Instructor: Associate Professor Dr. Choi Sy Bing

NVIDIA Clara – An Application Framework Optimized for Healthcare and Life Sciences Developers

Instructor: Andi Ariffin

Conference Programme




1100 – 11055 min

Welcome/ Housekeeping

1105 – 11105 min


by Chairman of DSxConference 2020

1110 – 113020 min

Opening Remarks

by Vice Chancellor of Perdana University

1130 – 121545 min

Keynote 1

High-Performance Computing for Accelerating Anti-COVID Research and Development

by Dr Kenneth Ban, National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC), Singapore.

1215 – 123015 min

Keynote 1 Q&A

1230 – 14001 hr 30 min



Birds of a Feather

Technology and Innovation Track

1400 – 143030 min

COVID-19 eResearch Experiences and Collaborations in Australasia and Southeast Asia – Upskilling Support for Pandemic Response, Preparedness and Recovery



Dr Markus Buchhorn, Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN), Australia, Rowland Mosbergen, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Australia & Dr Idris F. Sulaiman, eResearch Support for South East Asia (eResSEA) Group

Invited Plenary

The Operations and The Money-Making Data Scientist (And The Kind You Should Hire)

by Muhammad Hazlan Bin Hamdan, MISC Berhad

1440 – 151030 min

Invited Plenary

Accelerating Data Science with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

by Liam Quinn, Gigabyte

1520 – 153515 min

Machine Learning Approach in Optimizing Organic Electronic Devices and Materials Discovery: Towards Inverse Materials Design

by Dr Woon Kai Lin, University of Malaya

1540 – 155515 min



Healthcare Track

Technology and Innovation Track

1555 – 162530 min

Invited Plenary

Big data and COVID19 in Malaysia.. A game changer

by Dr. Mahesh Appannan, Ministry of Health, Malaysia


Invited Plenary

Puffer AI: All in one HPC and AI solution

by Muhammad Zidni Mubarok, Novaglobal Pte Ltd, Singapore


1635 – 170530 min

Invited Plenary

Glucosenz. Bloodless. Painless Blood Glucose Monitor. A new Innovation.

By Dr. Hyzan Yusof, OSA Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Invited Plenary

AI Intelligent Recognition Solution Book

By Oliver Kuo, Gigabyte


1710 – 172515 min

Development and Evaluation of Machine Learning Models for Inhospital Mortality Risk and Length of Stay Prediction among Intensive Care Unit Patients

by Angganararas Lungidningtyas, i3L, Indonesia


1730 – 174515 min

Enhancing Indian community health to improve care, needs and health behaviors within urban and semi-urban localities in Malaysia: #MYIndian1CommunityFair

by Dr Sangeetha Kaur, PU-RCSI

1745 – 17505 min

Closing Remarks


1100-11055 minWelcome/ Housekeeping 
1105-115045 min

Keynote 2

Healthcare in the age of disruption

by Dr Fazilah Shaik Allaudin, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

1150-120010 minKeynote 2 Q&A
1200-130060 minResearch Track (DSxSymposium)
1200-121515 min

Repurposing Drugs for Inhibition of Hyperphosphorylated Tau Protein in Alzheimer’s Disease: Molecular Modelling Studies

by Lim Yi Suan, Perdana University

1215-123015 min

Viral Genomics Knowledgebase (VGKB): Analysis tool for high-throughput NGS Data

by Arpita Ghosh, Perdana University

1230-124515 min

Elucidation of anti-viral effect from the composition of Schizophyllum commune against Dengue: A computational approach

by Ramesh Ramachandran, Perdana University

1245-130015 min

Update on the Development of ViVA

by Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi, Perdana University

1300-14001 hrLUNCH BREAK
1400-15301 hr 30 min

Workshop A

Accelerating Data Science Workflow End-to-end with GPU

by Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi, Perdana University

Workshop B

Basic Healthcare Data Analytics

by Assoc Prof Dr Choi Sy Bing, Perdana University

1530-154515 minBREAK
1545-17301 hr 45 minWorkshop A (continue)Workshop B (continue)
1730-17355 minClosing Remarks


1100 – 11055 minWelcome/ Housekeeping
1105 – 13001 hr 55 min

Workshop C

NVIDIA Clara – An Application Framework Optimized for Healthcare and Life Sciences Developers

by Andi Ariffin, Novaglobal Pte Ltd, Singapore

1300 – 14301 hr 30 minLUNCH BREAK
1430 – 16001 hr 30 minWorkshop C (continue)
1600 – 164545 minKeynote 3
Challenges, Opportunities, and Possible Frameworks for Continuing to Build Bioinformatics Software Communities Across Asia
 by Rowland Mosbergen
1645 – 170015 minKeynote 3 Q&A
1700 – 173030 min

Closing Remarks

by Acting Dean of Perdana University School of Data Sciences

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