DSxCareerGateway, a one and half day programme, conducted once every two-months to prepare the data science/bioinformatics community for jobs opportunities in academia and industry, both locally and globally. This is meant to be a community effort to help align data science/bioinformatics graduates with the expectations of the job market, and hopefully through this they are better able to position themselves for the job market.


  1. Understanding the job market and opportunities locally and globally.
  2. Technical skills: are you technically equipped?
  3. Soft skills: what does the market favour?
  4. What is missing from your CV?
  5. Interview skills: know the expectations.
  6. Communication skills: get your points across.
  7. Are you plugged into the existing support eco-system?
  8. Meet the experts.


MYR 200 (~USD 50) Per participant

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2021 Online