Data Science eXchange (DSx)

The DSx moniker is a branding effort by the Perdana University School of Data Sciences (PU-SDS), Malaysia to inter-connect and streamline its various outreach activities for the broader data science and specifically bioinformatics community. This originated from the Data Science eXchange initiative (DSXi; launched by the School in 2017, which successfully kicked-off three key activities, a public lecture series, roadshows and a data science carnival. By 2019, the number of activities had expanded and the school decided to network them under the DSx umbrella, signifying the larger goal of the effort – exchange of data science.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses a combination of approaches to extract knowledge or insights from data. It is an exciting field with tremendous opportunities to improve the quality of life for people across the world. Data Science is applicable to a broad range of fields, such as medical/health sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences, among others. PU-SDS plans to help grow data science in Malaysia and the broader region through the various DSx outreach activities. We welcome you to join us in this journey.

Perdana University - School of Data Sciences (PU-SDS)


The School aims to be on the vanguard for data science. It was set up to concurrently address the three interconnected facets of an academic endeavor—research, education and services—in order to effectively contribute to the advancement of data science in Malaysia and beyond. Research enables discovery and understanding of the unknown, fuelled by quality education of the known, for the service of the local and global community as a whole. The School aims to make significant contributions in each one of these areas.


There are several programmes under DSx umbrella such as DSxTalks, DSxWorkshops, DSxBootcamps and among others. The complete list and detail of each programme could be found at the Programme sub-section.

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