Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Why do a PhD in Health Sciences?

Highly trained and specialised scientists are of paramount importance for the generation of knowledge for a better understanding of the various aspects of the health sciences industry as well as to improve the design of appropriate health policies in Malaysia and globally. Perdana University aims to provide the highest level of training by thesis to our PhD candidates in the health sciences in order to strengthen the teaching and research capacity both nationally and globally.

 Diverse and unique exploration areas

 Faculty with clinical and research experience

 Access to international network of health science experts and clinicians

 Private Industries

Graduates will be able to:

 Investigate and interpret the outcomes of research

 Present and disseminate cogent, research-based arguments, supported by valid evidence, that outline the implications of the research

 Write in a scholarly way that is appropriate for publication in refereed higher education journals

 Frame research questions and devise appropriately designed research projects

 Critically review literature related to a research project in the field

 Select appropriate qualitative and/or quantitative approaches to gather, analyse and interpret evidence

This is a full-research based programme:

Phase IPrerequisite Coursework (if required)

Phase IIResearch Methodology

Phase IIIProposal Defence

Phase IVIndependent Research and Thesis Preparation

Phase VThesis submission and examination

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Course Approval Number:
JPT/BPP (R720/8/0061) (MQA/FA4813) 01/26

Award Title:
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Mode of Study:
Full-time (3 years) / Part-time (4 years)
Research Area of Interest:
The research topics on offer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Data-warehousing for massive biological data
  • Applications of bioinformatics in:
  • Immunology
  • Vaccines
  • Venom toxins
  • Drug design
  • Disease biomarkers
  • Genetic/genomics
  • Physiology

Academic Qualification Requirements
A Master’s degree accepted by the Senate of Perdana University; or other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree that are recognized by the Senate.

English Language Requirements
Students must possess a good command of the English language.

Malaysian Students

International Students

NOTE: The above tuition fee does not include miscellaneous charges. Kindly contact the University for more details.


Scholarship by Alumni

  • Students from the selected High Performing Secondary Schools
  • Children of RCSI Dublin alumni
  • Children of Kolej Yayasan Saad alumni

Scholarship by Merit

Students who excel in their Degree Programme are eligible to apply.

International Scholarship


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