Cupid’s Mission: Accomplished

Cupid's Mission: Accomplished

Contributed by Nivashinie Raviendran (PU-RCSI)

14th February felt like it was just yesterday. I definitely remember that day as I was doing my medicine posting in the cardiology ward. I aorta tell how much I loved that posting, but that wouldn’t be the purpose of this write up. The SRC was back at it again with The Cupid’s Mission, which began last year in 2019.

The idea was to assemble a group of students to spread love and joy (not forgetting the chocolates of course!) to the PU community. I just cannot express our never-ending happiness and gratitude with the support and love we have received from our Perdanarians for this event. Many students took this opportunity to send chocolates and “love letters” as a token of appreciation to their treasured friends, lecturers and administrative staff.

The profit made from The Cupid’s Mission would be passed down to the next SRC batch as a start up money for their upcoming events. Also, a huge shout out to the committee members who worked so hard in making this event come to light, love you all from the bottom of our ventricles! I’m definitely delighted to say that the Cupids have once again accomplished their Mission in bringing us closer together as one big ohana. Can’t wait for the next Cupid’s Mission! Fingers crossed, I will have more Valentine puns by then.


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