YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr. Suleiman bin Mohamed

Chancellor, Perdana University

Chancellor's Message

“The next generation of citizens must have profound principles and ethical values on top of deep knowledge of their disciplines of study, and the dynamics of the very fast changing world. I feel that more than ever before, graduates who are leaving their ivory towers must truly appreciate and uphold the moral values that we have cherished and kept us together over the past generations. Despite innovations, technological advancement into the era of Artificial Intelligence, we must remain humane in our everyday conducts to maintain the stability and sustainability of the future world. Be leaders who inspire, advocate justice, uphold integrity and embrace diversity. Aspire to serve the nation, community and the world at large to the best capacity for which you have equipped yourself as proud alumni of Perdana University.” -Excerpts of the Chancellor’s speech during the 6th Perdana University Convocation Ceremony.

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