Campus Life

Dean's Message

Are you wondering what life is like on the campus? Well, let me assure you that it is a thriving and energetic microcosm of the community around. There are amenities for your study and leisure time. There are clubs and associations for you to build rapport with your fellow varsity mates, nearby hangout places to chill and get de-stressed as well as all the necessary facilities to support your life as a student.


The library is your best friend as a student of Perdana University. Here you will find access to all the top journals and articles that you need in the course of your study.

Information Technology Department

Perdana University knows the importance that technology place in campus life. As such we have a dedicated team that ensures everything technology runs smoothly.

Accomodation & Transport

Our students can rest assured that their living and mobility is also taken care of so that they can focus their time and energy on their studies to fulfill all dreams of a great career.

Student Representative Council

All students have a voice on campus and this channelled through the student respresentative council and their elected representatives. Again student welfare is paramount to the university.

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