Students-Lecturers’ Bonding Day – 16th March, 2023

Students-Lecturers Bonding Day Author: Iffah Suraya 23/3/2023 . 16th March, 2023– In the spirit of care, trust, and unity, Perdana University held a Students-Lecturers’ Bonding Day, a unique collaboration between the School of Liberal Arts, Science, and Technology, the School of Business, and the School of Data Sciences. A total of 21 students and 13 staff members took part in the full-day event, which was held both at the Perdana Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur and on campus. . Throughout the much appreciated event, students had the opportunity to forge new social connections with other students they usually would not have met on campus due to coming from different courses and intakes. .
“I enjoyed getting to know students from different countries and backgrounds, and the event gave me the opportunity to make new friends.”– Sumithrra .
Other students found the event highly encouraging, pushing them to step outside their comfort zone and into a state of newfound confidence. .
“At first, I was quite nervous about the TikTok video challenge because it felt weird to look and talk on camera, but with the advice of seniors and support from our lecturers, I was able to overcome that feeling.”– Sadik .
Indeed, the mentally stimulating and laughter-filled event managed to win students’ hearts, even those who hadn’t been expecting anything much from it at the beginning. .
“At first, I was not very enthusiastic about the event as I am an introverted person and social events can be a little overwhelming for me. However, to my surprise, I really enjoyed myself and this was hands down one of the best experiences of my life.”– Faysal
. Essentially, students had to work in teams to attain the highest score possible for their respective teams through various games and activities that had been scattered throughout the day. Games aside, lunch was its own vibrant occasion, with meals sponsored by the three faculties. Furthermore, an uplifting talk on positive mental health was given by the Graduate School of Medicine’s Dr. Mustafa Afifi, and students danced and sang to cultural music from their countries. Before the day came to an end, a tea session that consisted of cake, Malaysian delicacies, and milk tea put everyone at ease. . Without a doubt, Perdana University continues to aspire towards developing stronger learners through engaging activities, meaningful interactions, and a supportive environment.
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