Beyond Your Boundaries: Africa through the Eyes of Tanzania

Beyond Your Boundaries: Africa through the Eyes of Tanzania

This event on 10 October 2017 began at 3.00 pm at Audi 5 and was attended by Mr Khatibu Makenga, Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Chancery, High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania, Professor Dr Zabidi Azhar Mohd Hussin the Vice Chancellor and members of the various faculties.

The highlight was a presentation by Ms Judith Flora Wanda, Lecturer and Head of International Students Department, St Augustine University, Tanzania. She explored opportunities for students at Perdana University to move beyond boundaries while doing elective postings or summer research and obtain cultural experiences and also the collaborative research opportunities available for students and faculty at Perdana University and universities in Africa, especially in Tanzania.

Besides elaborating on how her experiences as a student in Malaysia had enriched her outlook towards her profession and life and how such experiences could also benefit students from Malaysia, she pointed out that the political stability, VISA free entry, and the use of English as a medium of instruction in education, government and business made it an attractive location for further studies and exposure and research.

Tanzania is indeed an attractive choice for higher education, tourism/ leisure and business. Being three times the size of Malaysia, with only 30% of it populated, and with Mount Kilimanjaro and many national parks to explore, it can indeed be an eye opening experience if not an enriching one.

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