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Bioinformatics is essential for analyzing and interpreting complex and large biological datasets generated by functional studies and high throughput technologies, such as next-generation sequencing. It is used to propose the following sets of experiments and, most importantly, to understand biological processes better. Biological data and the databases storing them are increasing at a phenomenal rate. Experimental approaches to study the large data pool for knowledge discovery are time-consuming, costly, and often impractical.

January, April & October

JPT/BPP (N/545/7/0102) (MQA/PA10086) 10/23

  •  A Bachelor’s Degree (Level 6, Malaysian Qualifications Framework, MQF) or its equivalent, with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.75; OR
  •  A Bachelor’s Degree (Level 6, MQF) or its equivalent, with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and not meeting CGPA of 2.75, can be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment process; OR
  •  A Bachelor’s Degree (Level 6, MQF) or its equivalent, with CGPA less than 2.50, with a minimum of five years working experience in a relevant field may be accepted.
  • For candidates without Computing Degree, prerequisite modules in computing must be offered to adequately prepare them for their advanced study.


English requirement:

 Malaysian Students

  •  Credit – Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 1119 or
  •  Pass – SPM English 1119 & obtained a minimum of 55% in English 112/ 113/114*
  •  Successfully completed (or exempted from) the Intensive English Programme (IEP) & obtained a minimum of 55% in ENG 112/ 113/ 114
  •  Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Band 3

International Students
 Successfully completed (or exempted from) the Intensive English (IEP) & obtained a minimum of 55% in ENG 112/ 113/ 114

No.Semester / Year OfferedName and Code of Course / ModuleClassification (Major / Minor / Elective*
/ Audit)
Credit Value
1Sem 1 / Year 1BIC7104 BiostatisticsMajor3
2Sem 1 / Year 1BIC7102 Biology in BioinformaticsMajor3
3Sem 1 / Year 1BIC7103 Applied Computing in BioinformaticsMajor3
4Sem 1 / Year 1BIC7105 Introductory BioinformaticsMajor3
5Sem 2 / Year 1BIC7101 Research MethodologyMajor2
6Sem 2 / Year 1BIC7206 Computer ProgrammingMajor3
7Sem 2 / Year 1BIC7207 Machine LearningMajor3
8Sem 2 / Year 1ElectiveElective3
9Sem 3 / Year 2BIC7309 Critical Thinking and Scientific CommunicationMajor3
10Sem 1,  2 & 3 / Year 1 & 2BIC7310 Research SeminarMajor3
12Sem 3 / Year 2BIC7311 Bioinformatics ProjectMajor11


  • Merit based scholarship available
  • Complete in 1.5 year
  • Ideal for those with no or little bioinformatics background
  • Taught and Supervised by faculty who are experts in the field
  • Access to international network
  •   Job opportunities worldwide
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