Centre for Pre-University and General Studies

Perdana University School of Liberal Arts, Science and Technology (PUScLST) was established with the aim of exploring all humanistic inquiry, from natural sciences to the creative arts.

Our programmes are designed not just to lead students through humanity’s latest understanding of social science, arts, or psychology, but also into the outcomes of this understanding as well as enculturation of science and technology.

Our programmes may lead adventurous students along several possible pathways. Upon completion, they may wish a dive into the workforce or continue with the pursuant of postgraduate studies at this university. Our intention is to ensure our students are prepared for their bright futures with competence and proficiency. We seek open-minded, talented students who feel ready to plumb the depths of these fields and learn all that we offer. There will be many opportunities to practice your learning, both within and outside this university. Whichever programme you wish to enrol, we will deliver an enriching experience and provide quality education that will propel you to great success in the future.


Foundation in Arts

JPT/BPP (N/010/3/0533) (MQA/PA13804) 07/25

April, July and September

Foundation in Science

JPT/BPP (N/010/3/0533) (MQA/FA4833) 07/25

April, July and October

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Counselling with Psychology

JPT/BPP (N/762/6/0053) (MQA/PA13917) 02/28


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