Throughout the year

Course Location​

Perdana University, Wisma Chase Perdana, Damansara Heights, KL

Approval Code​​

JPT/BPP (R720/8/0061) (MQA/FA4813) 01/26

Course Duration

Full-time I 3-5 years
Part-time I 4-6 years

Course Mode

Full-Time & Part-Time

About the programme

Highly trained and specialised scientists are paramount importance for the generation of knowledge for a better understanding of the various aspects of the health sciences the industry as well as to improve the design of appropriate health policies in Malaysia and globally. Perdana University aims to provide the highest level of training by thesis to our PhD candidates in the health sciences to strengthen the teaching and research capacity both nationally and globally

Master’s Degree

Accepted by Senate of Perdana University or other equivalent Master’s Degree recognised by the Senate

  • Candidates whose qualifications or experiences are not in the field related to health sciences are required to sit for a pre-requisite assessment determined by University.
  • A first class degree holder can be considered for direct entry into the PhD programme upon demonstrating adequate ability to carry out research at the doctoral level.
  • Candidates who have enrolled for Master programme by research can apply to join the PhD programme after a year with strong recommendation from the supervisor and after the Postgraduate Studies Committee is satisfied that the candidate has proven his or her capabilities to conduct research at the doctoral level. The final decision to transfer the candidate from a Master’s Degree by research to PhD rests with University Senate.

  • English Language Requirements

    Local Students
    MUET Band score of at least 3

    International Students
    IELTS score of at least 5.0 or TOEFL score of at least 500

All research students are required to take courses in Research Methodology before being allowed to embark on a proper research

  • Health and Healthcare
  • Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Education
  • Healthcare Technologies
  • Healthcare Engineering and Equipment Design
  • Healthcare Applications

  • Recognised by Malaysia Board of Technologies, MBOT
  • Exprienced research supervisor in acdemia and clinical practice
  • After office hours/weekend classes, suitable for working adults or professional to upskill
  • The programmes provide a balance between theoretical understandings and practical skills
  • Access to an International network and job opportunities worldwide
  • A focus an exposure to the research pipeline from inception and critique of ideas to communication and defence of research findings

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