YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk

Dr. Mohan Swami, JP

Pro Chancellor, Perdana University

Pro-Chancellor's Message

A very warm welcome to students, parents, our partners and stakeholders. Perdana University is a dynamic cosmopolitan University focusing on a comprehensive education system from Health Sciences to Liberal Arts to Social Sciences to Technology Studies. Perdana University has an ambitious vision of becoming one of the premier universities recognized for its excellence in contributing to the world community through the pursuit of excellence in education, research and services.

We are confident in creating a global impact for the delivery of our well integrated multifaceted education system. We are measured by the success of our students, staff and partners and committed to research, innovation and the dissemination of knowledge of public value. We are, and always will be, an inclusive University. We will continue to push the boundaries to deliver the best education for Malaysian and International Students through our innovative teaching and industry-based learning outcomes.

We are also building our strength through niche research activities and with the establishment of Centres of Excellence for Research such as the Centre for Psychological Medicine and other new research centre in partnership with the Industries. Our experience in collaborating with many top international universities such as the John Hopkins University and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland reflects on our education quality and strength at an international level.

As the world and future of work changes with Industrial Revolution 4.0, we will continue to build on our enviable reputation of educating and grooming the best Graduates for the global industry. We have an excellent Academic and Leadership Team to deliver the expected results in a world-class platform. We are a University that values diversity and this is exemplified by our multicultural student population from different parts of the world. I encourage you to find out more about how Perdana University can help you reach and exceed your potential.

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