Perdana Offers a New Approach to Medical Education

The future of medicine is individualized care. PUGSOM students learn to combine expertise on the biology of health and disease with knowledge of a person's social, cultural, psychological and environmental variables.

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What We Believe

The 21st century physician should not simply diagnose and treat disease, but should also understand all the factors that contribute to individual variation – from the gene to society and environmental influences.

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Perdana Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2010 in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • The first American-style graduate medical school in Malaysia
  • Developed in concert with a fully integrated teaching hospital and research enterprise
  • Located 25 minutes from downtown Kuala Lumpur in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Offering 100% tuition coverage for eligible Malaysian students.

Clinical Experience from Day One

On a model of concurrent learning, Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine first-year students are introduced not only to the scientific foundations of medicine but also to clinical care from the first day of classes. In the course of the first year, students practice physical exam skills, history taking skills, communication skills and other clinical exercises with individuals trained to portray the roles of patients, family members and others whom they may encounter in clinical situations.

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Cutting Edge Learning Spaces

Dedicated solely to medical student education, Perdana's Medical Education Building will allow the incorporation of new teaching techniques, such as team-based learning, learning studio presentations, group computer work, electronic whiteboards and microsimulations.

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Featured Faculty: Dr. Srikumar Chakravarthi

Dr. Sri, a pathologist, is an ardent researcher and a passionate lecturer.  Internationally-recognized for his research, 80+ publications and teaching, his areas of interest include cancer pathology, immunohistochemistry, natural products and drug toxicity studies. Sri was the 2013 recipient of the Academic Brilliance Awards for Excellence in Research, at the national level in India.  He is popular among students for his innovative, technology-driven, interactive teaching methods, and also conducts online skype lectures to students in other countries. Sri is now working on developing an android app for pathology and hematology.

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